The Legacy (The Interstellar Trials #3)

In the conclusion to the Interstellar Trials trilogy, Reggie and Noah race the clock in their quest to find the missing navigation keys and save the fleet…


Reggie knows how to stop Xavier. She just needs the one thing she hasn’t got: time.

With their friends captured and their list of allies slashed to zero, Reggie and Noah embark on a quest to locate the lost navigation keys before Xavier does. The prize? Control over the fleet.

But Xavier’s not giving up without a fight. He’ll execute a prisoner every day–Resistance members and tournament contestants alike–until Reggie and Noah turn themselves in.

Instead, they add one more task to their plates: a daring rescue.

The Legacy is the exciting conclusion to the Interstellar Trials trilogy!

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*Available from other stores on 4/11/23