Battle Fringe (Parse Galaxy #5)



Sloane Tarnish is finished with Galactic politics, Fleet Commanders, criminal cartels, spaceships in general, and–most of all–bounty hunting. 

The only problem? Bounty hunting isn’t finished with her. The Cosmic Trade Federation has a bounty on her head now, and the reward is high enough to tempt old nemeses into the Fringe Systems. 

All she wants to do is serve a few drinks and forget the rest of the galaxy exists. Instead, she’s living on the run. 

When a not-so-old friend shows up in the Fringe with a favor in mind, Sloane allows herself to be convinced to join the search for a missing friend–just this once. 

Meanwhile, the Cosmic Trade Federation is extending their hold on the galaxy, little by little. Soon, every corner of the galaxy–even the quiet ones where Sloane wants to hide–will be subject to their rule. 

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