Ongoing Series:

Prequel Novella: Outlaw Rising

Book 1: Chaos Zone

Book 2: Bounty War 

Book 3: Traitor Game 

Book 4: Exile Sky

Book 5: Battle Fringe

Book 6: Empire Claim

Book 7: Current Driftcoming October 24, 2023

Space travel is so overrated. 

Bounty hunting isn’t any better, but it’s what Sloane Tarnish needs to do if she wants to fix the rundown spaceship her uncle dumped on her. So she can find him and dump it right back.

Problem A: Her uncle also ditched his motley crew–made up of a cranky ace pilot and an extraneous mad scientist–and they don’t exactly see her as the captain.

Problem B: Her ship’s too broken to leave the most dangerous system in the galaxy, where a recent power vacuum is turning the place into one orbiting cluster of fugitives, thugs, and swindlers.

When Sloane sets her sights on a bounty with a reward that will solve all her problems, the Commander of the Galactic Fleet himself shows up in pursuit of the same man. The last thing Sloane needs is to get tangled in a web of galactic politics–but she won’t let her prize go, either. The payoff is just too big to give up.

But as dangers close in on all sides, she can’t help wondering if she’ll live to claim her prize…

Chaos Zone is the first installment in a new space opera series full of reckless women, messy worlds, and big adventures–perfect for fans of Guardians of the Galaxy and the Mandalorian.