A Brand New Space Opera Series!

Space isn’t Sloane Tarnish’s thing. She’s a med student, not a planet jumper. And she’s definitely not leadership material. 

Unfortunately, her outcast uncle decides to disappear, saddling her with his questionable crew — a cranky pilot and a mad scientist — plus a ship that only answers to Sloane. 

Sloane just needs enough cash to find her uncle and get back to her life, so she takes on a bounty job in an abandoned system. No one else wants to go there, but how bad can it be? 

When a Galaxy Fleet Lieutenant shows up on her bounty’s tail, pushing for her to abandon her quest and let the Fleet handle the job, Sloane ignores him. The reward is too big to give up. But as dangers close in on all sides, she can’t help wondering if she’ll live to claim itā€¦