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Her life is a crime. To survive, she’ll steal another.

Reggie’s spent her life stowed away in the crawl spaces of a generation ship that’s headed to the stars. If the ship’s tyrannical authorities discover she exists, it’ll mean a long walk out of a short airlock.

When the authorities announce a tournament to make peace with the estranged other half of their fleet, Reggie steals another girl’s identity — along with her spot in the games.

She doesn’t want to win; she just wants to escape to the other fleet. But avoiding the trials is harder than she expects, and avoiding the other contestants is even harder — especially the charmingly naive future captain who keeps trying to bring her into the fold.

When a threatening note appears under her door Reggie must decide how ruthless she’s willing to be — and who she’s willing to betray to protect her secret.

The campaign is for the first two books in the Interstellar Trials series, both of which are complete and ready to print. The books will be exclusive to Kickstarter backers for at least three months — don’t miss out on your chance to read them now!

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