Mission Log 1:09 – Great Eagles Would Be Better

Mission Log 1:09

I’m no climber, Colonel. As I followed Arthur Cane down that rope and into the sleek-sided gorge, I could only be thankful that transport piloting requires a certain amount of mechanical knowledge. And a certain amount of parts-hauling. I’m stronger than what I look, is what I’m saying. Still, I’d barely dropped down from the […]

Crooked V.2 Author Interview: Frasier Armitage!

Author Interview with sci fi author Frasier Armitage

Jessie Kwak wants more sci-fi crime stories, and 18 authors rose to the occasion. The result? A volume packed FULL of futuristic pirates, time-traveling heists, and general bad behavior. (Sometimes in space! My favorite.) My story, ‘Ace in the Hole,’ starts with an illegal poker game on an intergenerational spaceship. It’s also a precursor to […]

The Interstellar Trials is LIVE on Kickstarter!!

The Tournament and the Resistance Interstellar Trials by Kate Sheeran Swed

Note: back the campaign before 12pm EDT tomorrow (that’s October 5th, 2022) and you’ll get a free short story. Click here to pledge now! Sometimes, I hold a book in my heart so long that by the time it goes out into the world, my heart is practically bursting with it. The Interstellar Trials falls into that […]

Mission Log 1:08 – Yellow Brick Road

Mission Log Episode 1:08

I’ve spent more one-on-one time with David since this disaster started than I have with anyone else in the group, which isn’t saying a whole lot. But as soon as we started toward the core of the station with our little expedition, I realized I how little that actually meant, in terms of actually knowing […]

Mission Log 1:07 – Alpha Sharks

Mission Log 1:07 - Alpha Sharks

Sleep wasn’t an option after David and I guided Ethan back to our little camp. Feels weird calling it a camp, with the dusty air and the vacuum swirling—or not swirling, I guess—outside the windows. But that’s what it is, everyone all hunched up on transport blankets, using their suitcases as pillows. Oh, the kid […]

Mission Log 1:06 – I Don’t Believe in Ghosts

Mission Log 1:06 - I Don't Believe in Ghosts

I don’t get it, Colonel. You want me to live out here on this station like a regular civ, but you’re also ordering me to send my homework along every night like a good soldier. Maybe you’re testing me. Maybe you want to see if I’m capable of falling in line. I can, Colonel. I […]

Mission Log 1:05 – Lord of the Flies

Mission Log 1:05 Lord of the Flies

It’s funny, but after piloting a transport by myself for a couple days, landing on an abandoned station, and almost getting eaten by said station, I was completely exhausted by the time Mila and I rejoined the group of evacuees. I took a spot by the wall, and she joined me. And for a few […]

Mission Log 1:04 – A Long Way Down

Mission Log 1:04 A Long Way Down

Stomping away from pretty-boy Ford felt good for about three seconds. I’ll nurse a grudge, no doubt about that; there’s no use forgiving people who don’t deserve it, in my opinion. Still, it only took a few steps into the darkness for me to realize that storming away from the safety of the group— when […]

Mission Log 1:03 – Politics, Already

Mission Log 1:03. Kay's note reads "Under protest, colonel."

Your denial came in so quickly, Colonel, I’m inclined to think you didn’t read the full report. But okay. So much for keeping an open mind. We reached Ross’s coordinates at 2100 Alliance time, and I’m at a bit of a loss to describe what we found here. Let’s call it a space station, though […]

Mission Log 1:02 – Mandel Skies (Part Two)

Mission Log 1:02 (with bullet holes in the picture)

My ankle really was smarting as I ran for the kid, ready to tackle him to the tarmac and throw him over my shoulder if that was what it took to get him back to the damn transport. The passenger who’d gone after him was behind me, but even with that massive backpack strapped to […]