Phantom Song is Here!

Angel of music. Instrument of justice. As the fashionably veiled operatic sensation of Landry City, Claire Leroux is adored by the masses. But Claire must never let her fans discover what hides behind her mask–a body that’s half-machine and hellbent on vengeance.  Offstage, Claire hunts for the man whose violent …

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Parting Shadows is here!

Raised by a heartsick AI, she’s programmed to kill. And desperate to flee. After growing up on an isolated space station, Astra dreams of solid ground. But with an AI guardian plugged into her head–and her nervous system–it’s not like she’s flush with choices.  In fact, she’s got just one: …

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Retellings: Cued from the Classics

Fairy Tale retellings, ala Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles, have been ala mode in the book world for quite a while. These days, though, it seems like re-told and re-imagined versions of classic literature are packing the shelves. Here are some of my favorites–and a few more I’d love to check …

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