Battle Fringe Cover Reveal!

Parse Galaxy Book 5 cover reveal

I don’t usually do official cover reveals, especially since the cover’s been live on the stores since before But I really, really love the cover for Battle Fringe (Parse Galaxy #5), so I wanted to highlight it. Behold, the beauty!

Mission Log 1: Epilogue

Mission Log Season One Epilogue

I set up a bedroom in the bookshop. There’s an office here, a cozy spot in the back, and I dragged a couple of the comfy chairs in there to make myself a little bed. Nice and quiet. And not too far from the others. Except Ford. He can stay outside, for all I care. […]

Mission Log 1:23 – An Assist

Mission Log 1:23

The Hub pilots must’ve been damn well confused about what was going on. First, my fighter had teleported around like magic, zapping one of their spiders like it was nothing—yet now the ship that’d so easily taken them out was fighting off a swarm of infesting mini-bots. And losing. With me inside. It must have […]

Mission Log 1:22 – Love at Second Sight

Mission Log 1:22

I was never a test pilot, but when I climbed into that alien cockpit, I sure felt like one. As I powered the thing on, I knew that David had a point; the controls were gibberish to me, the layout completely foreign. Not even a test pilot would be so reckless. But I wasn’t exactly […]

Weekly Happenings

I realized there’s a LOT going on in my little corner of the universe these days — so I decided to distill it into one place. Lots of places to connect. Lots of content to check out! Weekly Happenings

Mission Log 1:21 – Alone Is What I Do Best

Mission Log 1:21

I was starting my day in the bookshop the next morning, enjoying the rose-gold tones of the mock sunrise in the dome and watching the constellations fade into the calm tones of morning, when the helper bots zoomed over to hover beside me. Both of them, which is weird in itself; as far as I’ve […]

New Reading Series!

Podcast Reading Series Season One Outlaw Rising

I’ve embarked on a new project: a reading series! At the moment, I’m reading through my novella Outlaw Rising. It’s a prequel to the Parse Galaxy series, and I’ll be reading two chapters a week through March 16th. On the 17th, I’ll go live via YouTube You can watch the videos on YouTube, or listen […]

Exile Sky is Available Now!

Exile Sky Parse Galaxy Book 4

It’s time to celebrate, because the fourth book in the Parse Galaxy series is out now! You can get Exile Sky from your favorite online retailer:  Direct From My Store Amazon (ebook & paperback) Apple Barnes & Noble (Paperback:… Google Play Kobo Everywhere Else And of course, you can order paperbacks from your local bookstore. It’ll be […]

Mission Log 1:20 – More Questions

Mission Log 1:20

Fixing up the fighter has been posing some challenges. When Mila shimmied after me through the tunnel to meet the fighter, she patted it on the side and told the thing it was a good ship, a brave ship, and that we’d fix it up in no time. I knew I liked her for a […]

Mission Log 1:19 – Love at First Sight

Mission Log 1:19

I know I was skeptical about your market idea to begin with Colonel—all right, I still am, if I’m being honest—but the others have really taken to it. Melanie, the one with the two kids? She found a bakery, complete with a pantry stuffed full of ingredients. Everything past this one double-latched door was still […]