Kickstarter Flight Plan: We are GO for Launch!

Kickstarter Flight Plan Map - Go for Launch

The scoop: the Parse Galaxy Special Edition Kickstarter Campaign is NOW LIVE! *cue confetti* Click here to go there!

If you’re a Parse Galaxy fan, you’ll love the special edition because of the: 

  • Hand-drawn galaxy map! 
  • Three books in one! 
  • Three short stories, too! (And they’ve never been in print before!) 
  • Options for ebook, paperback and hardcover 
  • Hardcover options: unsigned or deluxe (which comes signed & with swag like stickers and postcards) 

The better the campaign does, the prettier the book will be. That means if we hit certain milestones, I’ll be able to add stuff like decorative chapter headers and character illustrations! (I’m REALLY hoping we get to do character illustrations!) 

I have lots of extras planned. It’s going to be great. 

And if you’ve never read any Parse Galaxy books, you’ll love it because of the above reasons AND: 

If you can’t see the image, it’s got a picture of the cover and it says: Misfit crew, reckless heroine, weird worlds, not-so-legal adventures, slow-burn romantic subplot, funny sci fi, galactic politics, pew! pew!, all the banter, conspiracies heists & frame-ups, and sassy spaceship A.I. 🙂 

Plus, if you back at $5 and above before Friday, June 16th, you’ll get the first two ebooks in the League of Independent Operatives series for free! (Early birds get SO MANY books!) 

Click here to check out the campaign page now — it’s got all the details!

Oh, and one more thing: I’m going live tonight, June 13th, at 8pm Eastern to give a rundown of ALL the goodies, swag, extras… and the books of course! Find me on my Facebook page here:…

(I’ll make the video available to watch later on YouTube, too.) 

Questions? Click here to ask via Google form, or email me at Kate @ katesheeranswed. com