Kickstarter Flight Plan: The FAQs

parse galaxy special edition kickstarter flight plan map: the FAQ

The quick scoop: Today I’m going over a few frequently asked questions I’ve received (or can anticipate) about the upcoming Parse Galaxy Special Edition Kickstarter campaign! Click here to follow the campaign so you won’t miss the launch! Which is NEXT WEEK!! Eeee!

Will there be special editions for the rest of the books in the series? 

Ah, so you want a matching set! I hear you.

I hope so! The series will wrap up with book 8 this fall (2023). Assuming this campaign goes well, I’m tentatively planning to do Volumes 2 & 3 together in a single campaign next year.

Will the books be released to the retailers later? 


The ebook will only ever be available via my online store, for a variety of reasons. Mostly because of the file size.

I’ll probably distribute the paperback to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc., but not until at LEAST six months after it goes out to the backers. 

It’s likely (though not definite) that the hardcover will also be something you can only get directly from my store. (Again, 6+ months after I deliver the books.) 

Of course, you can have a say in this, too. Do you want to be able to buy signed copies? Access pre-holiday sales? Snap up packs of character art? Let me know your thoughts! (kate@katesheeranswed . com)

I don’t understand how this series relates to the superhero books you mentioned in the rewards post – do I have to read those first? 

Nah. Sloane and crew show up in that other series briefly – but picture it as a “Guardians of the Galaxy to the Avengers” kind of situation. You don’t need to know anything about the Avengers to enjoy the Guardians. (At least in the first couple of movies. I haven’t seen the third one yet.)

Will I be able to get your other books through the campaign?

Yes! You can add on single titles or full series. One way to do that will be to support the $1 level and then pick and choose what you want. But you’ll definitely be able to add League of Independent Operatives, Toccata System, and Interstellar Trials books to any order.