Kickstarter Flight Plan: The Characters

kickstarter flight plan the characters

The scoop: we’re going in deeper this week with profiles of the main characters in the Parse Galaxy series. Join the adventure by following the campaign now!

Kickstarter flight plan week 2: the characters

PLOTTER. Raised in a family of Center System diplomats, Sloane’s got plenty of experience navigating the more refined parts of the Parse Galaxy. When adventure calls, she pretends she’d just as soon run away – but between us, she longs for it when things get too boring. Don’t tell her we told you. Sloane takes a Jack-Sparrow kind of approach to problem solving, so as we know, the difference between genius and madness can be a fine line indeed…

SOLDIER. Gareth’s more of a by-the-book kind of person. Raised in the Parse Galactic Fleet, he now commands it. (In other words, he’s an important kind of a person.) Rules are rules… but he’s got a bit of a reckless streak himself. Which is how he keeps managing to cross paths with Sloane and her crew.

PILOT. Hilda’s a former racer and longtime outlaw. No one evades incoming missiles like she does. Rumor has it she’s got a sweetheart in every port, too. If you put any stock in that sort of thing, which we absolutely do. (Everyone who backs the campaign will get a free prequel story featuring Hilda!) 

GENIUS. Alex’s last astrophysics project almost tore the universe apart. We’ve got higher hopes for her next one.

And, of course, 

BRO. That’s Best Robotic Operative to you. It’s not at all Robotic, and we’re not sure how it could be an Operative. It’s the Best shipboard artificial intelligence a crew could ask for, though. As long as you value questionably legal hacks, a winning personality, and trivial facts which it sometimes even delivers at opportune moments.

This week’s update: 

I recorded a sneak peek of the hardcover and paperback editions! Click here to check it out on YouTube.

June 13th is only three weeks away!!