Kickstarter Flight Plan: The Mission

A space-themed map showing the Kickstarter flight plan for the parse galaxy space opera series

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Shout it out to the galaxy: the Parse Galaxy is getting a special edition omnibus, and it’s launching via Kickstarter next month! 

It’s got a brand new cover. It’s got Chaos Zone, Bounty War, and Traitor Game, all tucked into one big no-need-to-leave-the-couch-for-a-day volume. It’s got three Parse Galaxy short stories, too. 

For the first time ever, for any of my books, the omnibus will be available in hardcover format. Complete with dust jacket. 

(It’ll be available in ebook and paperback, too.) 

And the bigger we make the Kickstarter, the better it’ll be. When we breeze past our goals, we’ll add artwork, character illustrations, and maybe even a map of the galaxy. 

The special edition will be available exclusively to Kickstarter backers for at least six months from when you receive it. It’s likely the ebook will never be released to the usual retailers, and will only be available from my online store in the future. 

These weekly updates will be your secret key to behind-the-scenes intel about the project. Over the next few weeks, I’ll introduce the story and the characters, in case you’re not familiar with the Parse Galaxy. I’ll give you a sneak peek at some of the reward tiers. And I’ll give you weekly updates about how the project is going! 

This is your Kickstarter Flight Plan. 

So… want to see the cover? 

The Parse Galaxy Special Edition Omnibus ebook cover

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This week’s update: 

I’ve formatted the book, uploaded it to the printer, and ordered a prototype. I can’t lie: I’m giddily excited to see the books with a hardcover and a dust jacket. It’s going to be *so* pretty. 

The prototype is supposed to ship this week! 

A space-themed map showing the Kickstarter flight plan for the parse galaxy space opera series