The Sci Fi Reading Series: Season 2

Podcast Reading Series Season Two Chaos Zone

There’s new content to watch/listen to on my YouTube channel and podcast! Hurray!

I’ve actually been adding new chapters every couple of weeks since my initial announcement… but since then, I’ve finished reading Outlaw Rising, recorded all of ‘Highly Irregular’ (a Parse Galaxy short story) and started on the first few chapters of Chaos Zone.

Now, if you started listening to Outlaw Rising and were put off by the poor audio quality and my general flailing to figure out what I’m doing, I’ve made some improvements! I’m certainly still learning, but I do think it’s more listen-able now 🙂

Here are some of the changes:

1. I fixed my microphone. I know. Seems obvious. But it works now, and the sound quality is much better. (Technology, amirite? …said the sci fi author. Shhhh.)

2. I’m saving ALL the commentary until the end of each episode. That way, I won’t interrupt the flow of the story — and so that, if you’ve read the books, you can skip to the end of the episode to hear the juicy gossip if that’s all you want. This begins with ‘Highly Irregular.’

3. I’m getting better at reading! I’m still not a professional narrator (nor will I probably ever be!) but I’m definitely getting the tone and flow a little better and making fewer mistakes. I’m also editing out my mistakes, mostly. Though a few flubs are slipping by, because darn it, Jim, I’m an author not a narrator!

4. I have a nice, professional intro and outro, thanks to my friend Laura over at Quixotic Belle Media!

5. And finally, I tweaked the name so it’s a bit clearer. It’s now the Sci-Fi Reading Series with Kate Sheeran Swed. (Which makes me feel like a pop star, a little bit. I’m Taylor Swift over here, basically.)

Chaos Zone is Book 1 in the Parse Galaxy series, so you can start listening there. I’ll definitely be re-recording Outlaw Rising at some point, too.

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The Sci Fi Reading Series Season 2: Chaos Zone