Mission Log 1:10 – Too Good to Be True

Standing in the shadow of the magically activated staircase, Cane gave me a wry smile. I didn’t even know the man’s lips could bend that way. “No? I’m beginning to.” “It’s the wrong way,” Ford pointed out. Unnecessarily, but that’s Ford for you. “It’s also the only way,” I said. “There’s an open bridge on […]

Mission Log 1:09 – Great Eagles Would Be Better

Mission Log 1:09

I’m no climber, Colonel. As I followed Arthur Cane down that rope and into the sleek-sided gorge, I could only be thankful that transport piloting requires a certain amount of mechanical knowledge. And a certain amount of parts-hauling. I’m stronger than what I look, is what I’m saying. Still, I’d barely dropped down from the […]