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The Tournament and the Resistance Interstellar Trials by Kate Sheeran Swed

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Sometimes, I hold a book in my heart so long that by the time it goes out into the world, my heart is practically bursting with it.

The Interstellar Trials falls into that category.

Yes, a version of it did go out last summer through Kindle Vella — but the medium is niche, and I never quite felt that it reached my usual audience. (If you DID find me through Vella, I’m so grateful for that! It was a very interesting experience, for sure.)

Finally, finally, I can share the books with you in my preferred formats: ebook and paperback.

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That’s right — the first two books in the series are complete and ready to print. So get ready for a binge read 🙂

This world is one I’ve been tossing around in my head since before I published my first book in 2019. It’s one I’ve written stories in, imagined characters in, and generally daydreamed about for a long time. 

The story takes place on a fleet of intergenerational spaceships, rather than just one or two. They’re basically a huge cluster of space-bound skyscrapers, each carrying thousands of people. 

Girl looking out at space battle

And over time, the fleet has split into two distinct factions.

One side holds to the original ideals of live-for-the-moment purpose, ruling their people in a democratic republic. The other side – where Reggie, the main character, lives – succumbed to a dictator who reveres the past and hungers for a more powerful future.

This story begins when the autocratic admiral reaches out an olive branch in the form of a tournament, with each ship in the fleet sending a contestant to participate in the games.

Our heroine, Reggie, is a little too busy trying to survive to notice anything as trivial as a game. But she’s adept at getting into trouble, and she does that just in time to find herself in desperate need of an escape. Which she does by stealing the identity of a player in the games.

The story’s a mashup of dystopia and space opera, with a fast-paced plot and characters I love to the deepest depths of my soul.

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I cannot wait to share this story with you.

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