With the League of Independent Operatives series wrapped, what’s coming next?

A full-on space opera series, that’s what. Introducing the Parse Galaxy! Scroll down for the book description and a Q&A about the series 🙂

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Space travel isn’t really Sloane Tarnish’s thing. She’s a med student, not a planet jumper – though to be honest, nano healing and gene therapy aren’t exactly her thing, either. And she’s definitely not leadership material. 

Unfortunately, her outlaw of an uncle didn’t take her lack of skill into consideration when he disappeared. Instead, he decided to saddle Sloane with his questionable crew – a cranky pilot and a mad scientist – plus a ship that only answers to Sloane. 

Sloane just needs to raise enough cash to find her uncle and get back to her life. Desperate, she accepts a bounty job in a system where a recent power vacuum has left crime festering in every corner. No one else wants to go there, but how bad could it really be? 

When the Commander of the Galactic Fleet himself shows up in pursuit of the same bounty, Sloane refuses to be intimidated – even if it means tiptoeing across a political minefield. The reward is just too big to give up. But as dangers close in on all sides, she can’t help wondering if she’ll live to claim it… 

CHAOS ZONE launches on April 26, 2022! Preorder now: books2read.com/u/bPQaRr (more stores coming soon!)

Parse Galaxy Q&A!

Q: Wait, isn’t the Parse Galaxy in the League of Independent Operatives series?

Why yes, yes it does show up in the League of Independent Operatives series. Sloane and her crew come in Book 2 — it was actually a little surprising for some folks, when book 2 landed! People seem to like it, though, and believe me when I say that I always planned there to be a space-related plot.

In any case, I love expanded universes, so that’s what I’m trying to do here. There may be more Earth-based books in the future… who knows? (If you’ve got any ideas on what I should call this expanded universe, by the way, I’m all ears.) (Really.)

Q: But I only want to read the space opera books. Do I have to read the superhero books to read the Parse Galaxy books/stories?

No, you don’t. The Parse Galaxy stories stand completely on their own.

Q: OK, does that mean Sloane’s story goes unresolved in the superhero books?

She leaves the series with unanswered questions, certainly, but I hope I tied up the ends of her story that relate to the main League story in a satisfying way. 

Q: What’s the tone like?

Think Guardians of the Galaxy or Jupiter Ascending. Soft sci fi — even utterly ridiculous at times. (Often.) But I still write character-centric stories with lots of banter, action, and a hint of romance. I hope. Fans of Lindsay Buroker and Julia Huni would probably go for it.

Feel free to ask more questions, if you have them! Book one is already close to finished, and I’ve written a prequel novella to go with it as well. I’m having a blast with these characters and their treacherous (if often humorous) world.

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