It’s here! CROOKED V.1 is now available from your favorite ebook (and print!) retailers.

CROOKED is a science fiction crime anthology, and having read the stories in this thing… I have to tell you, I’m incredibly honored to be included among them. It’s full of heists and high-speed chases, double dealing and dangerous situations.

In other words, it’s a really good time. Every time I finished one of the stories, I got that “wait… it’s over already?” feeling. Because I just wanted more. 

Plus, my story offers the very first glimpse of my upcoming Parse Galaxy space opera series!

Click here to grab CROOKED now for just $2.99!

If you grab your copy this week, you’ll be entered in the CROOKED giveaway! Prizes include ebooks and paperbacks from CROOKED authors, a print copy of the anthology, and more! Click here to learn more about the giveaway 🙂 

League of Independent Operatives fans will recognize the characters in my story (if you’ve read book 2, anyway), but “Highly Irregular” officially kicks off a brand new series.

Welcome to Crooked, the first volume of a new anthology series from Bad Intentions Press.
You’ll find Teppo’s retrieval job gone very, very wrong (or has it?). You’ll find Eric Warren’s gunrunner getting a second chance and Greg Dragon’s smuggler surviving on the edge. Jessie Kwak’s bodyguard dealing with a simple job that got quite complicated, Kate Sheeran Swed’s unlikely bounty hunter getting her feet underneath her, and Wade Peterson’s fighting bot showing its fiercely loyal heart.
The law is represented in this collection, too — you’ll find Benjamin Gorman’s take on an interspecies police investigation and Mark Niemann-Ross’s story of near-future intellectual property noir.
The goal of the Crooked anthology series is to introduce you as the reader to authors who are currently writing sci-fi crime stories, and give you a glimpse into their worlds. Find an author you love? Follow the links in their bios for more stories from the seedy underbelly of the Science Fiction shelf.

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