MASTERMIND is out today! In celebration, all three League of Independent Operatives books are on sale! You can find them all at your favorite online bookseller.

Get Alter Ego for 99c!

Get Anti-Hero for $2.99

Get Mastermind for $3.99!

As always, you can also find all my books in print — and support your local store at the same time — through Bookshop.org.

PLUS: I’m offering an exclusive PDF full of bonus materials for anyone who grabs a LIO book this week. (If you pre-ordered Mastermind, that counts too!) It’s got themed drink recipes (cocktails and mocktails), games, coloring, and more. I had a ton of fun putting it together.

To get your download bonus:

  • Buy ALTER EGO, ANTI-HERO, and/or MASTERMIND from any retailer between Feb 2-10, 2021 (Mastermind pre-orders count, too, no matter when you ordered.)
  • Obtain proof of purchase (screenshot of purchase confirmation, digital copy of the receipt, or just forward the confirmation email)
  • Send the proof of purchase to LIObonuses@gmail.com
  • I’ll send your bonus within 24 hours!

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