As of today, you can grab my new release, Don’t Look Back (And Other Stories) from your favorite online retailer. And you can get it for FREE!

Click here for links to Nook, Kobo, Google Play, Apple Books, Amazon, and more 🙂

The collection will remain free permanently — this isn’t a limited time deal.

And don’t worry — this release isn’t slowing my progress on the League of Independent Operatives! I’m revising Mastermind now, and it’s on track for release this fall.

I hope you enjoy the collection! Here’s the book description:

From science fiction and fantasy author Kate Sheeran Swed, Don’t Look Back is a short story collection that blends space travel with ghostly encounters and explores the possibilities of near-future technology—the good, the suspect, and the outright alarming.  

  • In ‘The Rest is Silence,’ a powerful corporation buys the government—and pays its citizens in cash for each day they don’t speak;
  • In ‘Windfall,’ a would-be wizard aims to con his classmate out of a magical inheritance; 
  • In a reimagining of the Orpheus myth, the collection’s title story features a rock star who chooses virtual reality over the real world in an attempt to save his true love. 

From intergalactic ghost-hunting museums to magical road trips through Upstate New York, Don’t Look Back’s stories promise adventure, romance, and an ever-present hint of revolution. 

Download the complete collection today for free! 

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