I’m excited to announce that Anti-Hero (League of Independent Operatives Book 2) is now available from your favorite online retailer! Grab it here!

Print distribution is a *bit* delayed from some stores, but should be available everywhere (including via your favorite independent bookstore) very soon.

Book description appears below the cover image, but careful! It contains spoilers for the first book. If you haven’t read Alter Ego, you can check it out here!

Careful! Book 1 Spoilers Ahead!! 

Mary O’Sullivan makes her own rules now. 

Her first self-assigned mission? Track down the league retirees who helped kill her family, and bring them to justice. 

But Mary’s crusade thrusts her deep into the shadows of vigilantism, where good and evil blur to gray. When her enemies turn the tables and start hunting her, Mary must face the darker side of heroism–or risk becoming their next victim. 

With the Pearl Knife increasingly disobedient, Eloise Reyna fights to maintain control over her powers–and the fractured remains of the league. But Eloise’s search leaves her struggling through the Knife’s web of mysteries, and if she can’t get a handle on it, the fate of the world could be at stake. 

As control slips through their fingers, Mary and Eloise seek allies in an increasingly dangerous power struggle that could shatter the league, and their lives, forever.   

Download Anti-Hero now from your favorite online retailer!

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