I get a lot of questions from readers about where they can buy my print books. It’s not just about e-books anymore, even for indie authors! I distribute to all major bookstores, which means that sure, you can get my print books on Amazon–but you can also get them at Barnes and Noble, or even your local independent bookstore.

How can you get print books from your local store? Read on to find out!


Bookshop.org is the new player in town, encouraging affiliate sales and online buying through independent stores. What’s cool about Bookshop.org?

  • Their prices seem to match Amazon’s — check out my affiliate shop to find my books. They don’t seem to have pre-orders yet, but that’s OK! Just wait until release day to order your books.
  • They donate money to local bookstores! Hurray!
  • You can shop directly through your favorite independent bookstore’s affiliate storefront–which means that they earn money for every book you purchase. Here’s one of my favorite bookstores showing off their recommendations–Pagination Bookshop.


IndieBound is a fantastic resource where you can search for books and have them shipped from your local store. Some stores also allow pickup options.

To use IndieBound, try the following:

  • Visit a product page, like this page for my book, Parting Shadows.
  • To get a local store, enter your zip code on the right side of the page.
  • Browse the list of independent bookstores, and click on the one you’d like to order from. I chose Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, because I live near Albany, New York.
  • IndieBound will direct you to the product page through the independent store’s own website. Like so!
  • To have IndieBound ship the book directly, click the BUY HERE button back on the original product page.

IndieBound also handles pre-orders, which is pretty great!

Your Bookstore’s website!

Indie bookstores have fabulous websites these days. If you Google your favorite one, they’re bound to have my print books available online. And if you don’t have a store nearby, lots of them ship!

Some of my faves:

Just Ask!

If you go into your local bookstore and ask them to order Parting Shadows by Kate Sheeran Swed, for example, they’ll be able to get it for you. They can pre-order Alter Ego. They can do anything, because booksellers rock. You can also give them the ISBN, which you can find on any of the websites listed above (or for my books, on the list below).

Questions? Comments? Favorite stores? Drop them in the comments!

Which of my books can you get through indie bookstores? ANY single title in my catalog! Take a look:

Alter Ego ISBN: 978-1-7330797-3-0

IndieBound Link!

Pagination Bookshop Link!

Parting Shadows ISBN: 978-1-7330797-0-9

IndieBound Link!

Phantom Song ISBN: 978-1-7330797-1-6

IndieBound Link!

Prodigal Storm ISBN: 978-1-7330797-2-3

IndieBound Link!

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