~~Contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War~~

They’re weird. They know it. And we can’t get enough. These fictional characters know that when the going gets strange, the the strange survive.

Liv Moore, iZombie

She’s got major Tasty App skills, and she’s not afraid to use them to assemble some major brain food (sorry/not sorry). She takes the wild ride of brain-induced personality changes in stride, and even uses them for the greater good as she helps to solve murders. So what if she’s got the dreams of a love-addled romance addict one minute and the paranoia of a conspiracy theorist the next? She lives death on the edge. [Amazon Link]

Eleanor Shellstrop, the Good Place

She may or may not be learning to be a better person, but in the meantime this bench is taking shirt from forking nobody. I gotta say, first season Eleanor will always be my favorite–who doesn’t love a woman who has no qualms when it comes to hogging all the shrimp? [Amazon Link]

Joyce Byers, Stranger Things

It’s not enough to use regular light bulbs to communicate with your missing son. Obviously. You need a map of Christmas lights, and you need it now. Joyce really knows how to lean into the strange, and it’s a good thing, too. [Amazon Link]

Scott Lang, Ant Man

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? Flight? Mind reading? The ability to shrink into a super-heavy bug? It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but Scott Lang makes it look…if not cool exactly, then at least a lot of fun. If he’d been around for Infinity War…well, Thanos probably still would have won, but we would have laughed a lot more in the process. [Amazon Link]

Olaf, Frozen

He’s Don Quixote with a carrot nose, dreaming impossible dreams of sunning himself on the beach. My question is, what’s stressing him out so much that he needs to “let off steam”? Being a snowman must be harder than it looks. [Amazon Link]

Mark Watney, The Martian

I don’t know if Mark Watney’s ever appeared on a list alongside Olaf the snowman before, but certainly there’s a first time for everything. Mark’s out-of-the-box thinking is a major factor in his survival, which just goes to prove there’s no such thing as “too strange.” [Amazon Link]

Linus van Pelt

It’s not just a security blanket. It’s a slingshot, a costume, a shelter, and a friend. If you’re going out hope for the Great Pumpkin’s arrival year after year, against all reason, it’s just as well that your BFF should be capable of keeping you warm. Linus is an old soul who’s young at heart, and he knows exactly who he is. Gotta admire that. [Amazon Link]

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