~Free Story Collection~

Chances are you’re here because you read one of my short stories online and thought it was swell enough to merit a click. If you like my stories, you’re probably just my kind of strange. I’m glad you’re here, weirdo. Let’s be friends.

I’m putting together a free short story collection for newsletter subscribers only, and it’ll be ready in December!* If the digital goddesses align, you’ll be able to send the darn thing to the e-reader of your choice. (Unless you’re visiting from the future, in which case we don’t support your tech yet. Sorry.)

So go ahead. Sign up. Then we can make ice cream sundaes and debrief about iZombie, commiserate about people who don’t understand what you mean when you refer to Star Wars: A New Hope (STILL), and debate humanity’s actual timeline for traveling to Mars. Plus you know I’ll bring up intergenerational space travel at some point because when do I not?

And of course, you’re always free to unsubscribe at any time.

*Note: None of the stories in the collection will have been previously available for free. That wouldn’t be fair, would it? They’ll be new, or newly free. But only for you, because you’re my new bestie.

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